DIY Moon Garland

by - August 01, 2019

 For the longest time, I wanted to make a moon phase garland. I've always been fascinated with the moon, the stars, and the sky in general. Why not bring some of that love inside my home? That's when making a moon garland came to mind. I've seen many versions of it online and couldn't wait to recreate my own using air-dry modeling clay.

  • Air dry modeling clay
  • Rolling pin
  • String 
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Anything round to cut the shapes of the moon ( I used a mason jar lid)
  • Toothpick


1.) Roll the clay as thick as you would like the moons to be. 

2.) Leave one of the circles alone (as that will be the full moon.) For the rest of the circles, use the jar lid to make the different moon phase.

3.) Use a toothpick or anything pointy to poke through the clay. Make 2 holes on each side of the clay. 

4.) Set aside, and allow them to dry for 24-36 hours or until it's dry.

5.) Paint the moons any color you'd prefer. (I painted mine with black and metallic paint. I then add random spots of white paint to give the moons texture.)

6.) Take a string and place it through the holes that were previously made. Secure it by making a knot on each side to prevent the moons from moving.

7.) Now the garland is ready to hang. 

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