7 Ways To Care For Dry Lips

by - November 19, 2021

 When it comes to skincare routines, most will devote their time pampering their skin. Only a few will go the extra mile to care for their lips, and I was one of them. When I turned 15, I got into makeup, and eyeshadows were my obsession. As an adult, I become more of a lipstick fanatic. I skipped the heavy eyeshadow look and went for a more natural look. Making the lips the main focus. That's when I took the time to care for my lips. I pay even more attention to them when the weather gets colder. I want to be able to apply my lipstick evenly without making my lips look cracked or chapped year-round. If you want to learn how to achieve softer-looking lips, check out my favorite tips down below! 


Exfoliating your lips can help remove dry, flaky skin. Using a lip scrub 1-2 times per week can help make your lips look healthy and soft. You can also use a damp washcloth or a soft toothbrush to gently scrub your lips. This will also boost circulation to the area. Be careful not to exfoliate more than needed. This can cause irritation. I made a natural lip scrub that works amazingly. (I leave a link to the recipe here.) 


To keep your lips hydrated throughout the entire night, use a heavy lip cream, lip balms, or oils like almond/coconut to avoid dry, chapped lips in the morning. Especially during the colder seasons.


Eating a well-balanced diet and taking the proper vitamins for your body is essential for your health. Sometimes cracked/dry lips can be a sign of vitamin or nutrient deficiency. Check with your doctor to ensure you are taking the right vitamins and try switching to healthier foods.


Even though matte lipstick looks beautiful on the lips. The reality is it can be extremely drying. Avoid wearing them too often, especially during winter. Your favorite matte lipstick can be the reason why your lips have been so dry lately. Whenever you do decide to wear matte lipstick or any other lipstick, moistures your lips beforehand.


If licking your lips is a frequent habit of yours, I have bad news for you. Licking your lips does more harm than good because it makes your lips even drier. Though it might feel good at the moment, it will only make the problem worse.


Always make sure to carry a lip balm with you when you're on the go. Lip balms will help with cracked and chapped lips. A great tip is to use a lip balm with SPF as it will protect your lips from the sun's harmful UV rays.


By now, everyone knows that staying hydrated is good for your health, but did you know that drinking water can also help keep your lips hydrated? Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the entire day to maintain hydrated lips. 

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