DIY Ring Holder

by - November 04, 2021

Back when I had a few rings, a trinket dish was more than enough to display them. Throughout the years, my ring collection grew larger. I needed a better way to organize and store my rings. A jewelry box was the first thing that popped into my mind. I remember making one when I was in high school. I loved how functional, yet fashionable the jewelry box looked displayed on my vanity. This weekend, I went out and purchased everything I needed to create the ring holder.


  • Wooden Box
  • Felt
  • Glue gun
  • Paint + paintbrushes
  • Scissors


1.) Even though I like the look of natural wood. I still decided to paint my box black.

2.) Meanwhile the box was drying. I measured the inside to determine what size I would cut the felt fabric.

3.) I cut the felt according to those measurements and repeated the same steps until I had enough pieces to fill the entire box.

4.) I tightly rolled each piece of felt and secured the end with hot glue to prevent it from unraveling.

5.) I drizzled glue before adding the rolled fabric inside the box to secure them in place. 

6.) Once the glue dried, I filled the wooden box with my favorite rings and stud earrings.

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