DIY Mudcloth Inspired Pillows

by - September 30, 2020


It's been almost 5 years since we moved into our apartment, and for some reason, I've never purchased throw pillows for our couch. I know, it's kinda outrageous, right? I wasted so much time on other areas of our home that I sorta forgot about them. Since I'm redecorating our living room, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a DIY project. I have so many ideas in mind, but first, I wanted to start out with something easy and finally make some decorative pillows. 


  • Pillowcase (I made my own using  a natural flour sack towel)
  • Needle & Thread
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Fabric Adhesive
  • Fabric Paint
  • Paintbrushes


1.) To make the pillow covers, I folded the towel in half and sewed it along the edges. Leaving one side of the pillow open. If you're using a pillowcase, then skip this step.

2.) To make the tassels, cut a piece of cardboard, any size you'd prefer, and wrap the yarn around the cardboard 30 times.

3.) Cut a piece of yarn, around 5 inches long, and tie a knot on the center.

4.) Place the 5-inch string upwards, and cut the ends to create the tassel.

5.) Shape your tassel, and tie a piece of yarn to create the "neck." 

6.) Continue to do this until you make 3 other tassels for your pillow.

7.) To attach the tassels to the throw pillow, use a yarn needle to sew each tassel to all 4 corners of the pillowcase.

8.) To create the braids, cut 6 pieces of yarn, similar in size, split them into 3 sections, and braid them.

9.) I made 2 and attach them using fabric glue, but you can use a hot glue gun.

10.) You can stop here if you'd like or you can hand paint a design. I painted a mud-cloth-inspired design.

For the second pillow, I repeat the same steps. Except I made pom-poms instead of tassels.

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