Fringed Tassel Earrings

by - January 28, 2021



Hi everyone! I'm excited to show you how to make a fun pair of fringe earrings. I know that I've already done a couple of different versions of tassel earrings in the past, but for today, I'll be showing you the easiest ones to make so far. I love a good statement earring, especially since I dress very casual. In lots of denim with darker shades, so I always need a pop of color. Since I tend to shy away from colorful clothes, a great way of adding a subtle pop is with these stylish earrings. 


  • 1 Embroidery thread
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • 2 Jump rings
  • 2 Earring hooks


1.) Cut 2 pieces of the thread, the same length, approx 6 inches long.

2.) With the pliers, open the jump rings.

3.) Insert the jump ring on one side of the embroidery thread.

4.) Attach the earring hook to the jump ring.

5.) Repeat the same step on the other side.

6.) Cut the embroidery thread in half to create 2 tassel earrings.

7.) Take the piece of embroidery floss that we cut in step 1, wrap it around the earring, and tie two knots.

8.) If you like the length of the earrings, you can stop here. I decided to cut mine shorter. It's all personal preference.

9.) Comb the ends of the tassels and you are done.

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