How to dye your hair like an E-girl (step by step guide)

by - September 22, 2020


I don't know if being quarantined for so long has anything to do with me urging a new look or if it's the fact that I haven't changed my hair color in the last six years. It's about time I try a different style and step out of my comfort zone. The E-girl hairstyle is something that caught my eye, as it seems pretty easy to achieve, it won't require too much maintenance, and could be done at home without having to go to the salon. 

At first, I was going to dye the strands a vibrant color, but after bleaching my hair, I released I liked the blonde highlights. To complement them, I dyed the rest of my hair a darker shade of brown to add contrast against the rest of my hair. However, in the future, I am planning on dying my chunky strands a bright pink or a pastel purple for a pop of color. I'm so excited to share with you guys how easy it was to achieve the E-girl aesthetic in 6 simple steps or 10 steps if you want different colored strands.

  • Developer
  • Bleach powder
  • Toner
  • Aluminum foil
  • Brush
  • Hair clips
  • Optional: Vibrant hair color


1.) Start by parting your hair down the center. Use a wide-tooth comb to separate your fringe from the rest of your hair by making a triangular shape and clip away the rest of your hair.

2.) In a container, add two parts developer and one part bleach, and mix well to combine.

3.) Apply the mixture to the mid-lengths and the ends of the hair, as it takes the longest to lighten. Once your hair is covered in bleach, use aluminum foil to cover your strands.

4.) Let the bleach sit until the hair starts to lift and then apply it to the roots.

5.) Wait 10-15 minutes, or until you achieve the desired outcome. (Always make sure to follow the directions of the products you are using.)

6.) Once the timer is up, wash your hair with shampoo and follow up with a toner to get rid of brassy hair. ( If you like the blonde streaks, then stop here, but if you'd prefer a pop of color, then follow the steps down below.)

7.) Once your hair has dried, add vaseline around your hairline and ears to avoid staining your skin.

8.) Now it's time to dye your hair with any color dye you'd prefer. Evenly distribute the color with a brush, until your strands are fully saturated.

9.) Cover your hair with a plastic cap and leave the dye on the hair for 30-45 minutes or depending on the instructions on the pack.

10.) Rinse your hair in the sink until the water runs clear.

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