DIY Rope Basket

by - February 14, 2021


The other day, I purchased a new plant for my desk. Since I'm redecorating my space, I wanted a planter that fit the aesthetic of the room. I've always been a fan of rope baskets, so naturally, I thought, why not make one?  This project was so simple to make and only required a few materials. Most of the items used to create this decorative planter were from the dollar tree. Here's how I did it...

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1.) Begin by tightly wrapping the rope around the basket, hot gluing along the way.

2.) Continue wrapping until you reach the top and cut the rope.

3.) Add a dap of glue to the end of the rope and hold it firmly until it dries.

4.) Add cotton lace and some tassels. ( I made my own tassels using embroidery thread, click here for a quick tutorial.)

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