DIY Clay Gift Tags ( Doubles As Ornaments )

by - December 08, 2021

This year for Christmas, I decided to make gift tags that can double as ornaments for everyone in my family. This is an opportunity to let the kids join in on the project and share a special moment together. Making tags out of clay is ridiculously easy, and once you learn how to make them, you'll want to gift them to everyone you know.


  • Air dry modeling clay
  • Rolling pin or glass cup
  • Cookie cutters
  • Yarn or twine
  • Skewer (or anything pointy to make the holes)
  • Sculpey glaze


1.) Tear off a chunk of the clay and warm up by working with your hands.
2.) Roll out the clay to your desired thickness.
3.) Use cookie cutters to cut the shapes you want.

4.)  Carefully remove the excess clay. 
5.) Use anything pointy to poke a small hole on the top of each shape.

6.) To smooth out any areas, use a bit of water and your fingertips.
7.) Allow the tags to dry for 24-48 hours
8.) Once dried, tie them to your gifts with yarn or twine.

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