ALoe Vera Brow & Lash Hydrating Serum

by - August 18, 2022

Do you know what a lash and brow serum are? They help to strengthen and enhance your lashes and brows, making them look fuller and shinier. It's simple to make and only requires three ingredients!

Do you want your lashes/brows to be fuller, thicker, and longer? Then you should try this homemade conditioning serum! Lately, my lashes and brows have become dry and brittle due to frequent lash and brow tinting. I must admit I didn't follow the aftercare instructions, and as a result, they have been falling off. I've been looking for an affordable growth serum for weeks, but they're all ridiculously expensive. Until I finally gave in and decided to make my own. After all, how hard could it be? With just a few basic ingredients, I was able to create my very own hydrating growth serum. An extra bonus, it doubles as a clear mascara gel.


Since aloe vera is a water-based ingredient, we must add a preservative to this brow and lash serum to increase its shelf life. However, if you want your serum to be free of preservatives. I have 2 options for you.

  • 1: To prevent the serum from spoiling and introducing bacteria and mold, you must use it up within 5 days (if you decide not to add a preservative.)
  • 2: Use castor oil and vitamin E only and skip the aloe vera gel. Anhydrous products don't need a preservative. Add an antioxidant to your anhydrous recipes to prevent rancidity and extend the shelf life of your oils.


ALOE VERA:  For centuries, aloe vera has been used as a natural remedy for several skin conditions. Additionally, it has grown in popularity as a remedy for hair loss. Aloe vera contains various active ingredients and minerals that can help strengthen and condition hair to reduce breakage. It contains fatty acids and amino acids, as well as vitamins. These contribute to healthy hair follicles. 

CASTOR OIL: Aside from its antifungal and antibacterial properties, castor oil is rich in nutrients such as proteins, minerals, and fatty acids that nourish the skin and hair. It also has natural compounds that stimulate hair growth.

VITAMIN E: Aside from its anti-aging and skin-conditioning properties, vitamin E promotes longer lashes and eyebrows. Vitamin E oil aids in the reduction of oxidative damage, which contributes to hair loss. Due to its antioxidant and conditioning properties, vitamin E can help with hair growth. 


  • 2 TBSP Aloe vera gel
  • 2 TBSP Castor oil
  • 1/4 TBSP Vitamin E
  • Empty mascara tub

In a clean jar or an empty mascara tube, combine all of the ingredients. 

Apply with Q-tips or a mascara wand at night. Use it daily and you'll see results within a few weeks.

(Rinse eyes if the product goes inside the eyes.)

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