DIY Botanical Abstract Painting (Reverse Canvas)

by - March 01, 2021

  My style of decor has definitely changed over the past couple of years. I went from glamorous/chic home to a bohemian design. I love styling my place with earthy elements such as handmade decorative items, loads of plants, and of course, minimal wall decor. This brings me to today's project. I was looking at modern wall art designs on Etsy for inspiration. I found so many great ideas that I had difficulty choosing which style I wanted to recreate. The art design that caught my eye the most was a botanical abstract painting. It was exactly what I had in mind. I couldn't wait to share with you all how I did it using the reverse canvas method.


  • Old Canvas
  • Paintbrushes 
  • Acrylic Paint 
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue gun or staple gun
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Sawtooth picture hanger


1.) To remove the canvas from the frame. Turn the canvas around, and carefully slice along the edges of the staples using an X-Acto knife. 

2.) Once you cut all the way around, you should be able to remove the canvas without difficulty.

3.) Remove the strip of canvas that is still stapled to the back of the frame. Don't worry about removing the staples.

4.) Flip the wood frame over, paint it or stain it using wood stain, or leave it as so.

5.) Start by creating 3 different-sized blobs. Paint each one a different color.

6.) Once the paint dries, sketch a plant or flower using a pencil.

7.) Go over the drawing with black acrylic paint.

8.) Use hot glue or a staple gun to reattach the canvas. Pull the canvas tightly to avoid any lines or wrinkles.

9.) Trim off the excessive canvas fabric.

10.) If you want to hang the canvas, simply flip it over and add a sawtooth picture hanger.

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