Simple Eco Friendly Kitchen Alternatives

by - June 20, 2019

Are you ready to ditch single-use plastic wraps and reduce the amount of plastic you use in your kitchen? By making the switch now, you won't only be saving money, but you'll also help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans. Here are 4 easy tips on how to make your kitchen more eco-friendly!

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1.) Bee's Wrap Instead of Plastic Wraps.

Not only are bee's wraps reusable. They can last around a year with good care. Bee's wraps can be used to wrap bread, vegetables, fruit, cheese, and even cover bowls. Bee's wraps are really easy to clean. Make sure to wash them with gentle soap and with cold water. Let them air dry, and they are ready to use again. 

2.) Replacing Paper Towels/Napkins. 

Instead of purchasing one-time use paper towels, opt for reusable ones instead. You can either choose to buy some, or you have the option of making them yourself by using old t-shirts. I purchased a few for my kitchen counter, to clean up any minor spills, and for the messier stuff, I use my old t-shirts and socks. As for napkins, I replaced them with cloth napkins. Making the switch saves you money and is more eco-friendly.

3.) Reusable Bags Instead of Plastic.

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Every time I went grocery shopping, I would come home with at least 10 plastic bags! By the end of the month, I had so many plastic bags I had no idea where to store them. Not only do they take up unnecessary space in your kitchen, but they can also take up to 1000 years to decompose! Instead of using plastic bags from the store, bring your own reusable bags. They are more durable and are much cuter anyway. I would always forget mine at home, but now I carry one with me every time I go out. I even got a few tote bags for my toddler, so he can carry his own stuff.

As for produce bags, I made my own. They can be quite pricey, so making them yourself will definitely save you some cash. Any other produce that can be peeled, you can toss right into your shopping cart. I always do this when I use up all of my produce bags.

4.) Stainless Steel Straws Instead of Plastic Straws.

It is estimated that around 500 million straws end up in our ocean every day! That is insane to think about it. By switching to reusable straws, we can reduce the number of straws that are being used daily. You save more money by purchasing a reusable straw. They are easy to clean and can last you a really long time. If you are like me that does not need a straw, don't buy them and say no to them at restaurants. I did purchase some reusable straws for my toddler and carry them with me when we go out just in case he needs one.

Make the switch now and help better our environment. You save money and help reduce less waste going to landfills. 

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