DIY Abstract Canvas Art

by - July 05, 2019

Abstract canvas art is something I've always wanted for my home but was not willing to pay over 200 dollars for. After looking at several tutorials online on how to make my own. I finally decided to give it a try and discovered that painting is something I really enjoyed doing. It is very therapeutic and relaxing. It did take me around an hour to do, so put your favorite tv show on or play some music. Grab your favorite snacks, beverage, and let's get started.

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 Tools  Used:

  •  Canvas 18 inches × 24 inches 
  • Black, Gray, White, and Gold Paint
  •  Gold Flakes
  • Paintbrushes

1.) Painting.

  • Once I had an idea of what I wanted to paint, I started painting the top left corner of the canvas (to make the process less intimidating.) While the paint was still wet I went ahead and smudged over the areas I had previously painted to give the canvas an effortless look.

  • As I continued to paint, I felt more comfortable than when I first started. There is no right or wrong way of doing this, so you do what you feel like.
  • Once the black paint dried, I added gray to the canvas and repeated the same steps to add more dimension.

  • Finally, I went in with gold paint, and while it was still wet, I placed the gold flakes on top. Once it was completely dried I went over it with a clean paintbrush and brushed off the excess gold flakes. 

  • At the last moment, I added some sparkle to the canvas. This was totally optional and is not necessary to do so ( but feel free to try it out as it gave the painting more of a glam finish.) 
  • For this step, added glue to areas that I wanted to add the glitter too. I let it dry completely before removing the excessive glitter.

Hanging The Canvas.

The final step was hanging the art piece.  I made 2 smaller ones to place beside the larger canvas. Abstract art requires no painting skills, which made this project really fun to do. I hope you guys decide to give it a try!

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