Simple Eco Friendly Bathroom Swaps

by - July 27, 2020

Karolina Grabowska

Aside from the kitchen, bathrooms can produce a lot of waste, from plastic packaging to disposable products that are filled with unsafe ingredients that aren't healthy for you or the environment. However, replacing your everyday bathroom essentials with eco-friendly alternatives is possible and a lot easier than you think. Today I wanted to focus on sustainable products that will help you create less waste and save you money in the long run...


100% organic cotton towels are biodegradable and can be composted. However, this isn't the case for cotton towels that are partially made of other synthetic materials like polyester that can take more than 20-200 years to break down. Organic cotton towels aren't made with chemicals like toxic pesticides or fertilizers that harm the environment. Therefore, organic cotton towels are ideal as they're safer for you and the planet.


Instead of using shower gels that come in plastic bottles, replace them with a bar of soap that comes unpackage or in sustainable packaging. However, if you don't want to switch over to bars, try purchasing shower gels in a larger size and recycle the bottle afterward or opt for a refillable dispenser. 


Most cotton swabs are made of plastic, which is harmful to the planet because many of these end up in the oceans or in landfills. Instead, switch to paper cotton swabs that are biodegradable or choose a reusable one that's durable, easy to clean, and more eco-friendly.


There are several different options for a more sustainable period. From menstrual cups to cloth pads, and period panties, they're all a better alternative to single-use cotton pads and tampons. Investing in reusable menstrual products can save you money in the long run and last you years.


Laura Mitulla
Recycling plastic razors is a bit of a challenge because they're made of several materials that make them difficult to recycle. Instead of using disposable plastic razors, opt for a durable metal or bamboo safety razor. They can last a lifetime if properly taken care of, all you have to do is switch out the blades, and recycle the old ones.


One of the very first zero-waste swaps I did in my bathroom was replacing my plastic toothbrush with a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush. Plastic toothbrushes are very wasteful, they are made from polypropylene plastic and nylon that take up to 400 years to decompose. Switch your regular toothbrush for a sustainable alternative that's better for the environment.

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