by - August 30, 2020

Tassel earrings are so much fun to wear, I made my first pair a couple of months ago, they turned out so cute I just had to make more. Tassel earrings look great with literally any outfit you wear, because they're so versatile, you can rock them dressed up, formal, or casual. I'm definitely going to try to make them in several colors to wear them year-round.

  • Embroidery thread
  • Gold Hoops
  • Earring Hooks


1.) Cut the top and bottom of the embroidery thread.

2.) Separate the embroidery thread into 5 equal sections. 
3.) Take one of the equal strands, attach it to the hoop using the lark's head knot method, and secure the knot tightly.

4.)Continue to do this until the bottom half of the hoop is completely covered in thread.

5.) Repeat the same steps to the other hook.

6.)To assemble the earrings, attach the earring hooks to the ring.

7.) Trim the ends of the tassels to the desired length, comb the ends, and you're done!

(OPTIONAL) Add a dap of glue to the back of the tassel earrings to prevent the knots from getting loose.

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