My Wavy Hair Journey

by - April 27, 2021


My entire life, I thought I had straight hair. Until I saw videos online of women with the same hair type as me trying the curly girl method. I was shocked to see these women go from frizzy "straight hair" to beautiful wavy/curly hair. I was intrigued, I'm not going to lie, and curious to find out if my hair was actually wavy. When I was in high school, I always wondered why my hair was never pinned straight and why some strands were on the wavier side. I noticed my hair texture changed as soon as I stopped using heat tools, products that contained harsh ingredients, and when I chopped off the dead ends. Once I finally gave the curly girl method a go, I discovered that my hair was actually wavy. The more I did it, the wavier my locks looked. This experience taught me how to properly care for my hair and to embrace my 2a/2b waves.


Back when I had no idea my hair was wavy, I used to brush my hair after the shower, let it air dry, and would add a tiny amount of oil to the ends. I always noticed I had a slight wave, almost like an "s" shape. When I watched Brad Mondo's video, I learned what curl pattern I have. His video was very informative, especially when you have no clue what hair type you have. He discusses 4 different topics, the first category he talked about was scalp type, normal, oily, and dry. The second category is hair thickness and hair density. People often confuse the difference between these two topics (including me,) so he explains with further detail what the differences are in his video. He also speaks about damaged and healthy hair. The last category he discusses is hair patterns. Type 1 is a rare hair type that is naturally straight with no curl pattern. If your hair isn't pinned straight, this means you have wavy or curly hair. There are 3 subcategories, wavy, curly, and coiled hair. Once you determine your hair type, you'll have a thorough understanding of what products your hair needs.


As I mentioned above, I stopped using heat on my hair to reduce damage, switched to natural products, and trimmed the split ends. I purchased hair care products specifically for wavy/curly hair and made sure to buy styling moose/gel. I use hair treatments once a week to strengthen and repair my hair. Doing rice water rinse a few times per month improved the overall texture of my hair. I also use a regrowth serum ( I highly recommend incorporating them into your hair care routine.) After the shower, I make sure to scrunch n plop it. Afterward, I'll protect my hair with a silk scarf before going to bed. 


My hair before was damaged, dry, dull, and frizzy. I had no idea how to tame it or what products to use. In fact, I didn't even have a proper hair care routine. My hair now is stronger, healthier, and soft. The more I embrace my natural hair texture, the wavier my hair looks. My routine isn't perfect. In fact, I still struggle to style my hair, but at least now I know how to care for it.


Never in a million years did I ever think my hair was wavy. I've only been doing the curly girl method for a month, and I've already noticed a drastic change in the way my hair looks and feels. Transitioning to wavy hair is challenging, as it is high maintenance, but trust me, it gets easier once you get the hang of it. If you think you have wavy/curly hair and you're curious to find out, I recommend trying out the curly girl method. Walmart and Target sell affordable hair products for curly hair under 20 dollars. Give it a go, and feel free to share your experience with me in the comments down below.

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