DIY Police Officer Costume For Halloween

by - October 30, 2019

Last Minute Police Officer Costume For Halloween.

This year for Halloween, my son couldn't decide what he wanted to be, but at the very last moment, he made up his mind to be a police officer. Since I love DIYing I thought I would give it a shot and try making the costume myself. Not only was it less expensive to make, but it was pretty easy to put together. Some stuff we already owned, and the rest we purchased in stores. What I really liked about making our own costume, was that I got to customize the outfit to our liking, the quality of the clothes was better, and it was more comfortable to wear. Learn how to make your own down below!


  • Light Blue Dress Shirt
  • Dark Pants
  • Black Hat
  • Black Shoes
  • Toy handcuffs, gun, badge, whistle, etc...

  • On a piece of cardboard, cut out the shape of 2 badges and paint them gold. Once dried, added some details with a black marker. 
  • To attach the badges to my son's dress shirt and hat. I used double-sided tape.

  • The total cost of the Halloween costume was 27 dollars. He already owned the shoes and the accessories (from dollar tree.) Everything else we shopped for at Walmart. The pants were 5 dollars, and the dress shirt was 15 dollars. The last thing we purchased was the hat, which ended up being 7 dollars, I do have to give credit to my husband for finding it at the very last moment. This DIY was so easy and fun to put together. My son loved how his costume turned out and honestly, we all did. He looks super adorable we can't wait for him to wear it tomorrow for Halloween.

I love it when he gets into character, it's super cute.

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