DIY Moon Phase Hair Barrettes

by - January 17, 2021

 Hair accessories are a simple way of spicing up any hairdo. Since I'm always on the go, I find myself using claw clips or scrunchies to get my hair out of my face basically all the time. I tend to gravitate towards the same hair accessories and use them over and over again. I wanted to shake up my hairstyles by making my own hair clips using polymer clay. Because I'm a moon fanatic, I wanted to create a moon phase barrette. I loved how it turned out, and honestly cannot wait to make more for my family and friends.


  • 3 different colored polymer clay
  • rolling pin
  • soda cap or anything round
  • X-Acto knife
  • hair clips or barrettes
  • adhesive of choice


1.) Pick 3 complementary colors and roll each clay into a snake.

2.) Combine the 3 clays by twisting and rolling until you achieve a marble effect.

3.) Roll the clay into a ball and flatten it using a rolling pin.

4.) Use anything round to cut the clay into 5 circles.

5.) Set aside one of the circles as that will be the full moon. 

  • Cut the rest of the circles the shape of all the moon phases. (You should end up with 1 full moon, 2 gibbous moons, and 2 crescent moons.)

6.) Bake the clay in the oven according to the instructions on the clay package.

7.) Allow the clay to cool for 10-15 minutes.

8.) Once cooled, use glue to attach each moon to the barrettes.

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