6 Summer Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

by - June 13, 2019

Summer is a beautiful season, it's the perfect weather to spend it at the beach or at a cookout with family and friends. This means you'll probably be spending more time outdoors, and that's the exact reason why you should be protecting your beautiful locks from the sun's UV Rays. Just how the sun damages our skin, it does the same for our hair. But don't worry, keeping your hair healthy during summer is totally possible, and way easier than you think. Follow my 6 easy tips on how to properly care for your hair every summer. 

1.) Protective Hairstyle.

Protect your hair from the sun by using a protective hairstyle. Avoid tight ponytails that can damage your hair, and in some cases cause hair loss if done so too often. Instead, opt for a much looser ponytail or braid. That doesn't only look good, but will protect your hair from the sun's heat and will help you avoid future damage.

2.) Use Less Heat And Embrace Your Natural Hair.

As mentioned above, the heat from the sun already damages your hair, so avoid adding unnecessary heat to it. Protect your hair when being outdoors with hair products that contain SPF protection. One way of using less heat is by letting your hair air dry in the summertime ( it dries much faster anyway) and by rocking your natural hair! You'll spend less time styling it, and you'll avoid damaging it (that's a win in my book.) As for the days you'll be outdoors for most of the day, you can wear a hat or a scarf to protect your hair from the sun.

3.) Washing Hair Less Often.

Photo by Paul Siewert on Unsplash

To most people washing their hair daily is a must, and the idea of not washing it often can feel gross. The reality is that washing your hair too often can strip your scalp of its natural oils. Causing an additional production of oil, making you want to wash it more often. Try to limit the number of times you wash it throughout the week. Instead, wash it 2-3 times per week. Make sure to condition your hair after washing it to avoid drying out your ends. As for the days that you skip washing your hair, use dry shampoo to avoid washing it more often. (Looking for a natural dry shampoo? Try my easy recipe here.) 

4.) Deep Condition Hair. 

Conditioning your hair prevents it from getting tangles and mats. It also strengths the hair shaft. My hair is naturally dry and even more so from bleaching and from using heat. Conditioning my hair helps to keep it looking healthy and soft. I always try to go for a natural deep conditioner. I make my own by using coconut oil or rice water. ( Learn how to make rice water.)

5.) Trimming Your Hair. 

When our hair is too dry and damaged from all the harsh chemicals and heat we use to keep our hair looking good it causes split ends. Therefore we need a trim and in some cases a huge chop! For most girls, losing length can be a problem (that was totally me) so at least going for a trim every 3 months is better than nothing. Trimming regularly can prevent split ends and keep your hair looking thicker and healthier. If you want to save some money, you can always give yourself a trim at home.

6.) Staying Hydrated.

Photo by Julia Zolotova on Unsplash

Drinking water is healthy for your mind, body, and skin. But did you know it's also healthy for your hair? Drinking more water will strengthen the hair, promote hair growth, and keep the scalp hydrated.

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