DIY Tie Dye

by - August 20, 2020

 If there's something I enjoy doing, is customizing my clothes. Even though my sewing skills aren't the best, that never stops me from transforming any piece of garment I choose to work on. That's why I like to tie-dye because you can change the way your clothes look with minimal effort. All you need for this project is fabric dye, a 100% cotton t-shirt, a pair of gloves, and a couple of rubber bands. I loved how each piece of clothing turned out unique. I couldn't wait to share with you guys how easy it was to make.


  • Plain tee 100% cotton
  • Tie-dye Kit
  •  Rubber bands
  • Plastic bag



1.) Dampen the garment to allow the dye to blend better.

2.) For this particular shirt, I will be using the "swirl" method, but you can do any style you'd prefer.

Pinch the center of the shirt and gently twist the shirt over multiple times until you form a swirl.

3.) Use rubber bands to hold the fabric in place.

4.) Prepare the dye according to the instructions and begin to tie-dye.

*Make sure to use gloves for this part, as it can get really messy*

5.) Flip the shirt over and add more dye.

6.) Place the shirt in a bag and wait according to the instructions of the tie-dye kit.

(I waited 8 hours)

7.) Once the dye has set, remove the rubber bands and rinse in hot water until the water runs clear.

8.) Wash and dry the shirt.

Style #2

1.) For the tank top,  scrunch the bottom of the shirt and continue to do so until you reach the top.

2.) Use rubber bands to hold the top in place.

3.) Cover the entire top with the tie-dye.

4.) Placed it in a plastic bag for 8-10 hours and wash it afterward.


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